Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Floral top

Materials: 2mm crochet hook, mohair rainbow yarn

Note: there are 6 rounds in making the body. in every round there are 12 motifs. (72 motifs in a finished body)

Motif: illustrated pattern

attaching the 12 motifs in one round:

Making the strap: fold body half wise facing 1/2of motif, 5 motifs , 1/2 motif.
R1: Attach one motif between 1-2 motifs of 5 motifs, and another mother between 4-5 motifs of 5 motifs.
R2: attach another motif on top of 1st motif attached in between motifs. Flip the body.

For the back repeat R1 and R2, note before finishing with the back motif of R2 attach the R2 back motif to the r2 front motif. Fasten off. weave all ends.

Do the same on the other starp.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tube Top


Materials: cotton marble yarn, 2 colors
                 2.0mm japanese crochet hook

Stitches used: ch- chain
                      dc- double crochet
                       sl st- slip stitch
Color A: Orange, Color B: Blue Green
Note: In every round, alternate colors

Using color A: ch4, dc in 4th ch from hook, turn
Rnd2: ch3 dc in nxt dc, turn
Rnd3-Rnd 60: rep rnd2 and join in 1st ch3 and dc of rnd1. Be careful not to twist.

Still using color A ( make main body )
R1: ch3 in dc sp., 4dc in same sp, sl st in nxt dc sp.*ch3 4 dc in same sp sl st in nxt dc sp* rep * to * around the dc space, sl st in 1st dc sp, TURN

R2:Change color to B: (In every round change color): ch 3, 4 dc in 1st dc sp, sl st in next dc sp, * ch3, 4 dc in same dc sp and sl st in nct dc sp * rep * to * around, sl st in 1st dc sp, Turn

R3 to R?: change color, Rep R2 until you reach desired length, sl st.

Making the tie: use 2 colors, ch 200, attach it to the upper part of the body.
Making the flower:  Make 2: ch3 sl st in last ch to form a ring,
 R2: * ch3, 3dc  sl st in ring * rep. 3 more times to form a flower. Insert one end of tie in hole of flower make a knot inorder for the flower not to fall. Do the same with the other flower motif.