Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Floral top

Materials: 2mm crochet hook, mohair rainbow yarn

Note: there are 6 rounds in making the body. in every round there are 12 motifs. (72 motifs in a finished body)

Motif: illustrated pattern

attaching the 12 motifs in one round:

Making the strap: fold body half wise facing 1/2of motif, 5 motifs , 1/2 motif.
R1: Attach one motif between 1-2 motifs of 5 motifs, and another mother between 4-5 motifs of 5 motifs.
R2: attach another motif on top of 1st motif attached in between motifs. Flip the body.

For the back repeat R1 and R2, note before finishing with the back motif of R2 attach the R2 back motif to the r2 front motif. Fasten off. weave all ends.

Do the same on the other starp.

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  1. this is beautiful Yuma I am making one for my granddaughter...I adjusted the size since she is not even here yet...